14 months

Today my baby turned 14 months old. It's insane. One one hand it doesn't feel like we received our travel call five months ago... on the other hand it feels like that was eons ago. Maybe it was the fact that we were *up* for about three months straight? Anyway. This realization of how much _time_ has passed kicked my bum into high gear on some things I've been slacking on. So that means a lame-o post tonight. Better ones tomorrow. (I hope.)  Including some awesome pictures if I can swing it (I'm having a little-hard-drive space issue... I guess 25 GB of photos in 4 months will do that.) Lame post. I know. But it's a reflection of having gotten a lot done on the home front. So I'm ok with that. And not photo editing today meant more time down on the floor playing... what's better than that?!