An Off Day

We had a very "off" day here. I used to have a friend that would respond to people "It was a day, tomorrow's another one." when anyone asked her how her day was and it was a bad one. Now I understand. There was nothing monumentally wrong or devastating... it was just "off." Today was a day, tomorrow will be another one. Let's hope it's better!

That means everything I planned to get done today just didn't happen and I'm pretty much asleep on my feet. It's exhausting to have a bad day! So, it's not going to be a good post. Just a cute picture.(Not from today in case you were wondering.)

We're playing chase here. Sometimes Spencer gets so excited, he hits the couch on his turns and ends up on the floor. Which he thinks is fabulous. This is right as he's about to get up... I think his face says it all.