Funny Boy

It's been a long, but fabulous, day here. We had our placement agency's annual party/picnic today. I'm exhausted, but will post more about it tomorrow. I'm too tired to do more than post a fun video or two for you (Why did I decide to do the "post every day" challenge during my *busiest* month so far?!) but I have saved the best for last... these are two of my recent faves. This first one is him playing with his remote control car. It's one of his favorite toys... and for some reason unknown to me, he prefers to play with it first. thing. in. the. morning. I must learn to hide it until after I get a cup of coffee in me. But he is a character, so I end up laughing every time he pulls out the remote!

And now... my favorite video to date I think. (Excluding the meeting day videos, they will never be topped!) Spencer has just learned how to "dance." He danced for the first time ever to Whitney Houston performing on Good Morn*ing America. (Yes, I know, odd.) Since then, he loves watching shows and movies that have a lot of music/dancing in them. Glee is a new favorite in our house (for many reasons) as is this movie. I'm not going to tell you which movie it is, cause I'm pretty sure most of you grew up around the same time as me. So let's see if you can recognize the snippet I share. And three of you *definitely* should recognize it (I'm looking at you sis and roomies...) The comment of "ok, if you can't get it from that" is not directed at you dear blog buddies...