Chow Time & "More"

Meals here have taken on a completely new entity here lately. As recently as last week, I would have told you that I still very much had a "baby" when it came to eating. (Not that I was complaining!) We relied on baby food and formula for nutrition and "toyed" with the idea of eating "big boy food." [Meaning he would nibble on the "people food" but not really consume enough to constitute a meal.... maybe a bite or two, that's it.] We were fine with following his lead. As was his pediatrician. So, while he was offered "people food" at every meal, he didn't usually take us up on it. Well, this week... it's like we have a whole new boy on our hands! I don't think we've had a single meal all week that was solely baby food. I can count on one hand the number of meals that consisted mostly of baby food. (aka - he's eating mostly "big boy food") The switch was instantaneous and very surprising. It was as though he decided one morning to "be a big boy" and reflect it in his eating. I'm thrilled, but also struggling to catch up, since it happened _that_ quickly. I guess I *really* have to start cooking now... In all seriousness though, it's really exciting for us. And a ton of fun to watch him try new things. And just a tad scary to see how much he'll pack away! I feel a growth spurt coming on... In addition to that *huge* development, we also have a signer on our hands! We've been signing with him since we came home (just the big ones like "more" and "all done" and a couple of others) but he hasn't really used it to communicate with us. For a couple of weeks now he's been using "all done" sporadically (to the point where we weren't sure if it was just incidental). So we've pretty much been guessing and using the "shaking the head" method (which he has had down for months now) but that requires a lot of trial and error, as you can probably guess. Imagine my excitement when we had lunch on Thursday and he would sign "more" and point to what he wanted (we had veggies, baby food, and protein on the table next to his chair). And I was rewarded with claps when I picked up the indicated item. And then he looked at me and signed "all done" when he was finished. Again, it was like a switch was flipped and he has been signing "more" and "all done" ever since! (For everything, including during play time.) He's also trying to say "more" when he signs it which makes me happy. I don't know if we'll add any more signs in, since those are the two biggies and he verbally asks for things like his bottle and blanket. (And ball, and bubbles and mama and dada and night night...) Any other good signs we should work on? I don't want to become too dependent on signs, since some of you have mentioned your kiddos rely on them too heavily. But I'm interested if there are any you guys can't live without?! (And Kelli, he's apparently taking notes from Aiden since he signs "more" the same way he does ... with one hand open - too cute.)

Following are some photos from snack time last week. You may have noticed that a lot of my photos are taken during meal time. It seems to be the only time I can get him to sit still long enough to get a halfway decent photo! Not to mention, he can't reach the lens... [wink] Not to mention the fabulous light I get through the slider...

eat - so serious

[OK, we're going to have snack now. Got it. Serious business.]

eat - oh boy

[Oh boy! My faves!]

eat - so funny2

[Hey Mama, want some "see food"?!]

eat - so funny1

[I'm sooooo funny!!!]

eat - not funny

[Oh, that's not funny?!]

eat - all gone

[Where'd they all go?!]