Sleep, Shoes, and Silliness

First, a sleep update: A little bit over a week ago, I posted that we had slept through the night. Well, I'm thrilled to report that it's kept up! We've had some very early mornings... including one attempt to wake up at 3:45am... but for the most part are sleeping from 6:45pm - 7:00pm until 5:30am - 6:00am. WHOOT! OK, the whole 5:30am thing is a tad early for me... but honestly, I will take it. If it means I'm getting 6 or 7 hours straight, I'm happy! (But, if any of you have any secrets to make him sleep later, I'm all ears!) Of course, I fully expect him to start mixing up the naps on me. Cause that's how it goes.

Speaking of naps, we've also had our first "spontaneous" nap. I was working upstairs and Doug and Spencer were downstairs playing. Suddenly I realized it was very quiet. Too quiet.


[And this is what I found...]

Next, his new shoes:

Thanks so much for the compliments! It cracks me up how he checks them out every.time.he.wears.them. Some of my long-time readers may remember me posting about See Kai Run shoes... and I've been obsessed ever since! When I realized that Spencer was ready for "real soles" I didn't waste any time looking them up and seeing where they are locally sold. So we are now the proud owners of two pairs (one was on clearance) and I cannot get over how great they are. They have really flexible soles, the softest leather, and obviously the coolest styles! I urge you to check out their site and especially their story.

Spencer owns:


[The Elliot]


[The Jude]

Is it wrong I'm seriously considering another pair as well?! Eek.

And lastly, the silliness:

I feel like it's not a good blog post unless I include photos of Spencer (I know that is why you are all here!). So here are some of him from the other day when we were "watching" one of his videos.

You'd expect him to sit like this:


Or maybe like this:


But really, it's a little bit of this:


And this:


I mean, really, how can you even see the video this way?!

Silly, silly boy!