Playing Around

As promised, some video. Now you'll need to excuse the videography since it's a little hard to keep tabs on the speedy little guy while holding the flip. You'll also need to excuse the disaster that is the great room in some of these. I clean it up every night after he goes to sleep and not even 40 minutes after he's up the next day it looks like this. So depressing. This first one is him chatting away while playing with one of his favorite toys. The two highlights of the video (for me) are when... he puts the ball into the toy and it doesn't make the sound, so he takes it out and tries again, and when it still doesn't work, takes it out and shakes it. (The ball doesn't belong with that toy) And, I love how after his real sneeze, he tries to get another "Bless You" by fake sneezing. Silly Boy!

Another one of him just hanging out. This time with his bucket. He loves to walk around putting things in his bucket and then taking them out. Usually it's a wiffle ball... this time it's a teething ring.

This one has a cameo appearance by Roxy! I love how this video captures his "normal" speedy pace, as well as his "bye bye" wave.

This is the longest video, but probably my favorite. I love how he laughs when he falls down, how he makes a funny noise when pushing the mower, his general chattiness, how he drags the mower, how hard he works to straighten it out, his sigh as if playing is so boring, how he almost falls into his bin getting out a toy, the tongue sticking out when lifting up the heavy toy, drumming on the lego bin... oh, he's just so funny to me.

If you made it through that video, kudos to you! (I'm really only expecting the aunts to watch that one!)

I'll end on a short, fun video. One of his favorite games right now is "chase around the couch" which involves a lot of "boo-ing." I'll try to get a video one day of more of the action, but know that it is intensive and exhaustive for all involved. He's completely figured out switching directions, coming up on you from behind, where he can get the best vantage point from... it's hysterical. Here's a little clip of the giggles that come with the game.