Taking A Ride

All summer long, we've been trying to get to a local attraction. And, for one reason or another, it just hasn't happened. whee

[Any Guesses?!]


[I bet you know now...]

That's right — We went to ride a Carousel! Originally built in 1920, and refurbished in 1991, Carousel No. 54 now resides a short ride from our house. We were really excited to introduce Spencer to this. So we hurried inside, bought our tickets, and hopped on board. We picked our horse...


And Spencer, well, he was...


[Not. So. Sure.]

Always the good sport, he gave it a whirl...


[Stoically riding.]


[Not cracking even the slightest smile...]

About three quarters of the way through the ride, he just started shaking, and gave Daddy this imploring look...


Clearly, he was all done. My poor, sweet, scared boy. Maybe next time he'll like it a little better...

I'll end on a funny story:

When the carousel ride is about to start, they ring an old-fashioned school bell. Now you may notice Spencer's "death grip" in the second shot. As soon as we put him on the horse, he knew what the brass bar was for and grabbed on... tight. After our first ride, we watched another ride (which he enjoyed) and then tried a second ride. After the second [unsuccessful] ride, we chose to leave. We were standing outside the building, deciding what to do next, when they rang the bell. To which Spencer's response was to grab on to Daddy's shirt. Tight. Too funny.