Honest Scrap Award


Kelly over at uninterrupted prosperity and Catherine over at I Smell Elephants were both kind enough to give me an Honest Scrap Award! Awww, shucks gals! Thanks! So now it's my turn.

1. Choose 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

2. Show the 7 winners’ names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they have won the Honest Scrap award. [Okay, I'm not doing that part... all my nominees are readers here, so hopefully they are paying attention. hee hee.]

Coming up with this list was hard - I read so many blogs, and could honestly list them all. (I also tried to avoid people who've gotten the nod already!)

Emily - this family squish Kerry - 3 continent family Joanna - Little Bit O' Seoul Kelli - Life with My Little Prince Laura - Our Valentine's Day Treat Chandra - Our Little Kyrgyz Melinda - CraftyMommy

3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

This was the tough part for me. I thought it would be easy... but coming up with ten things that you all don't know about me - rough!

1. I'm still deciding what I want to be when I grow up. (I'm sure that's less than thrilling news to my parents who seriously invested in my career by putting me through college.)

2. I regret to this day not sticking with the piano lessons I was forced to take in 1st grade. I also wish I could play the violin. On the flip side, I can play the clarinet. So that's something.

3. Sometimes my son does something so "me" or so "Doug" that I forget he's not biologically related to us.

4. I also sometimes forget there is no Korean in my blood, and that makes me sadder than I can ever put into words.

5. I miss all the crafting time I used to have. And sometimes I get irrationally angry at people for it.

6. The first time I used the ride-on mower, I was convinced that it was going to tip over on me and I was going to be crushed. I still freak out on certain parts of the yard and flat out refuse to do others.

7. I have 18 in-progress knitting projects. One eight. I think I may have a problem. But, it doesn't mean I'm not still shopping for new knitting projects! And don't even ask me about the in-progress stained glass projects.

8. I'm ridiculously behind on emails, cards and packages to be sent. (Think in the dozens upon dozens numbers) It's embarrassing. Especially since I used to be so good about that stuff.  And yet, I'm not sure I'll ever send some of those.

9. I've considered getting a video monitor just so I can watch my son sleep.

10. One of my favorite parts of the day is cuddles and kisses from my dog. Even when she's stinky and in need of a bath.

Whew! I did it!