Today Kicked My Butt

Some days will do that to you I guess. It doesn't help when they start at 4:30 am. Yeah, so not joking about that one. We went through the night again, but we were d.o.n.e sleeping at 4:30. I was able to buy myself another half an hour by giving him some toys in the crib (which I know I will regret later) but I was desperate. And how is it that a 13 month old has more energy than me?! I'm ready to pass out by the time we leave Gym*boree and he's just getting started. So, needless to say, it's not-so-late but I'm ready for bed. Email and reading blogs will just have to wait one more day. As will some fun things I want to post about. So, instead, I'm starting to share the videos I've been uploading the past couple of days (See Sue, ask and you shall receive!)

This first video is Spencer spying the bubble container just out of the shot. And when I say just out of the shot, I mean there's-no-way-I-was-panning-up-to-the-disaster-that-was-my-table. Shocking that he spotted it among the mess.

This next video is Spencer interacting with the bubbles. Two things I love about this video... After the first round, he starts to walk away and turns on a dime when he hears me blow more... too funny. Then, if you watch to the very end, you'll see what happens every single time we do bubbles... so busy looking up, when we should be looking down. Please ignore my laugh, I just couldn't help myself!