[We had another successful night here... 6:45 to 5:35 - WHOOT!] You were all right! (Except Elizabeth... hair styling products?! Seriously?!) [wink] We went blackberry picking with my friend C, her children (and Spencer's friends!) C and A. It was the perfect day for such an activity. For the most part, the kids just ate their weight in berries, while C and I frantically picked them... but any activity that ends with Spencer falling asleep in the car before we leave the parking lot is a success in my book! (We're looking forward to apple picking C!)

I made scrumptious blackberry cobbler last night and have another one in the oven now. I'm pretty sure I blew Spencer's mind when I gave him cobbler as part of his breakfast today. He though that was the best. thing. ever. I figure, how often does one get cobbler?! I may have decided differently if I knew he was going to get a whole cookie from the bakery that same morning! Oh well.

Just some quick snaps:


[Thorough Berry Inspection]


[First Taste = Not So Sure]


[And then we chowed...]


[I thought he did pretty good containing the "mess"]


[Until I looked at his leg.]

So, Rookie Mom Mistake #who-knows-how-many-at-this-point. Dressing child in new khakis to go berry picking?! I mean, what was I thinking?!


While I'm on the topic of food... I've been meaning to talk about one of our favorite recipes in this house. When ittybits posted this recipe, I knew I had to try it. We make it at least once a week... and both Spencer and I gobble it up. With a few modifications. We use a non-stick pan and no oil (I can't see frying something if I don't have too). And no chives since those didn't seem to be a hit. We've tried it with zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, a mix of all... it's never been a miss. And so easy!


[Checking it out...]


[Mushing it up... of course!]




I had some other food related shots I wanted to share... but both the computer and I are out of juice... another day!