Sleep Glorious Sleep!

[This is not my "planned post" for the day... but I thought it worth sharing!] Many of you know that sleep is still a daily battle around here. And if you've somehow missed all of my complaining... well, lucky you! To sum it up: We've only gone through the night four times since we've been home. Most days we wake up in the 5 o'clock hour... sometimes in the 4 o'clock hour... and there's only been a handful of times where we have gone past 6:15. Naps are a struggle. As recently as three nights ago I only got *two* hours of sleep. Four to six hours total is the norm, usually in two hour chunks. So, all in all, not an ideal situation.

Now, there's a lot of reasons why we need our sleep around here. I've gone on and on about them in the past, so I won't delve into that arena again. But suffice it to say, we really need our sleep!

Well, imagine my excitement, my joy, my disbelief when we slept through the night last night!! He went down at 6:45 (but not without a battle) and woke up at 5:15... but stayed in his crib until 6:10!! (A first!) And then proceeded to happily go down for his nap this morning!

Now, with this whole sleep mess, I've been going to bed ridiculously early as well. So I slept from 9:15 - 5:15. Add that up... it's 8 hours! Eight hours! All at once! I haven't seen that much sleep since May!

I realize I am completely and totally jinxing myself. But I figure if I ask every one of you to cross your fingers that it happens again (preferably in short order) I might have a chance here.So please, let's all hope that we're rounding the bend here...

Note: I realize I must really be excited... look at all those exclamation points.