One Year Ago

A year ago today our home study went to Korea. (And, I notice... A year ago today I was so slammed with work I couldn't even post about that. ) A year ago today there was a little boy in the SWS reception center that was destined to be my son, I just didn't know it yet. A year ago today I was no longer "waiting to wait" and was "officially waiting." I can still clearly remember the relief, the elation, the joy I felt hearing that our HS was in that packet to Korea.

As I fed my son his bedtime bottle I thought about how far we've traveled in just one year. Last year, I was pretty sure that I would have my child with me at this point. But it was such an abstract thought, such an abstract concept, I couldn't even begin to wrap my mind around it. Sure, I could plan and I could hope... but emotionally invest?! Not even close. This past year has brought us some of our highest highs and our lowest lows. But looking into his face, every single moment of that journey was worth it. And while our journey certainly didn't start a year ago, it is a date I will never forget.


I also thought that this picture was appropriate:


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