Feels Like Fall

We woke up to a crisp chill in the air... what a wonderful way to kick off September! I'm really excited for fall to be here. Summer always seems to be so filled with obligations that fall is always a nice reprieve. Not to mention all the fall activities I can't wait to share with Spencer! *

Inspired by some of my fellow blog buddies, I'm taking on posting every day for a month. Just what you all wanted, I'm sure, more of my blabber. [wink] But look at it this way, it probably also means more pictures of Spencer.


Speaking of Spencer, I've been playing more with the lens (yes Emily, I know - a TEASE). Let me tell you.. it's way harder to get a good shot of a boy on the move than it is to get a good shot of a lazy dog! Not to mention, this was Spencer's opinion of the whole experiment:


But, I'm thrilled with how I can get such a short depth-of-field:



Which means I can some great shots of what Spencer loves to do. Like fill up a container with pieces of paper towel:



Of course, there are times I'd like a larger depth-of-field:



After much cajoling, I got a couple of smiles:



And after naptime, I really got some good expressions:




Now, I just need to work on this focusing thing! (And, I'm also working on getting some videos uploaded too!)