Finally Friday...

It's finally Friday! WAHOO. And even though Spencer only allowed me three hours of sleep last night... it's turning into a fabulous one to boot:

  • Joanna met her son Gabe this morning in Korea!
  • Janet got her travel call!
  • Rachel (who is always an inspiration) wowed me with her ability to stay positive during a rough part of the wait... and got news that her son's visa was issued - finally!

I love, love, love all this good news. It just makes me so happy and my heart so full. What a wonderful way to kick-off the weekend.

It's been a big week in our house as well. Apparently, no sleep means big developments for Spencer. He can now:

  • clap
  • wave bye-bye
  • shake hands
  • do "ET phone home"

Exciting stuff!! He's also been working on his high-fives... he will now do it when you ask him to. (When he wants to, of course!) This makes two "commands" that he knows how to "follow through" on... "sit down" being the other.

I'm looking forward to this weekend (even if Hurricane Bill is bearing down on us). We're headed to my aunt's house in CT where Spencer will get to meet more of my extended family. Plus, gatherings at her house are always a good time, so we're looking forward to it.

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a fun-filled weekend!