The Big Reveal

[OK - I really didn't mean to leave you all hanging quite this long... technical difficulties!] First, a look at the "before":




[You can also see some "crazy hair" shots in this post.]

And now... that "after":


[I love the above shot... it's fuzzy and not a great look for him... He looks a little "rough" in it I think... it's as though he's channeling his inner Benicio del Toro!]






You didn't think I would actually let him get a hair cut if I thought the curls were going to be gone... did you?!?! I know it doesn't look it, but she took off almost an inch, and more in some places. She cleaned up the back a lot... but I didn't let her touch his sideburns.

I didn't really think the above shots captured the haircut at it's best... so I snapped these during snack time:


[He seems to be happy with the haircut...]


[The peaches, not so much...]

So no more "corkscrew" curls... but still lots of curls! And now that the "weight" is off, it seems even fuller now! So not a big change, but I definitely see the difference. And most important?! He still has those curls! WHEW!

(And if any of you dare say "He looks like a 'big boy' now" - I will throw myself from the back deck!) [wink]