It's a small, small world...

I've been sorting through pictures from last month. So, I've also been reminiscing about our time in New Jersey at the end of last month. And I realized I forgot to share a crazy story. Doug and I took my family to a Korean restaurant, Kimchihana, for lunch one day to expose them to some of our favorite dishes. Normally, Spencer is a dream when we are out at restaurants. Seriously. He just sits there and takes it all in, eating his puffs. Not this time though. Blame teething, blame all the excitement, blame an off day. Whatever it was... he wanted nothing to do with sitting at the table. So Doug and I were taking turns walking around with Spencer while the rest of the family sampled all the Korean yumminess.

While Doug was doing his "tour of duty," a young Korean gentleman came up to Doug and said, "I think we met in Incheon airport in Seoul." Doug thought he recognized him so he started talking to him. And lo and behold, it turns out that he and his mother were sitting in the same bank of seats with us at the gate. (It's all a little hazy so please don't ask me what we talked about! I just remember a few subject highlights.) We had shared enough of our story back then that he remembered us, and recalled that we didn't actually live in the area! He asked how it was all going, and he and Doug exchanged pleasantries and then each went their separate ways.

I guess that there aren't too many tall Americans with curly-haired Korean children so that we stand out.... but who ever thought that we [and by "we" I mean Doug and Spencer] would go out to lunch and end up running into someone we met and chatted with halfway around the world?!

What a small, small world.