Hugs & Kisses

I'm a pretty lucky gal. Scratch that. I'm a very lucky gal. As most adoptive parents will tell you... we work really hard to bond and attach with our children. We're always looking for the small things that mean forward progress in those departments. Things other [bio] parents might overlook... eye contact, keeping tabs on us in a foreign environment, coming to us first for comfort, being conscious of who they share their love - and even their smiles - with ... just to name a very few. (This is a subject I could go on at length about... but it's not what this post is about.)

The more obvious signs of a developing relationship are hugs and kisses. Now, I've been lucky. I've been getting kisses for a while now. And it's not something he gives freely. (Which is thrilling in the attachment and bonding arena) Lately I've also been getting hugs. And hugs that he really intends to be hugs ... not "get me out of here" embraces that I could interpret as hugs.

Today he woke up from his morning nap pretty happy and was playing in his crib when I went in. He had his back to the door, but when I opened it, he turned around, saw me jumped up and came to the rail... smiling and ready to be picked up. That's when it happened:

He looked me right in the eyes, wrapped his arms around my neck and squeezed. I could feel his smile against my neck and hear his giggle bubbling up. He pulled back, looked me square in the eyes again, bounced up and down in my arms and came in for another tight squeeze. Then he reached his face up to give me a big, sloppy, mouth-wide-open baby kiss on the lips. He giggled again and snuggled in to me and let out the most content sigh.

Truly one of the best moments of my life. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.