What's Up Doc?

Today Spencer had his 12 month check up (a week from his 13 month birthday - but hey, that's how we do things around here!) He again got rave reviews from his pediatrician on how he's doing. I love how in sync she is with us, not to mention flexible. She's not one who measures against set milestones or timelines... which is so important when you have an adopted child. A few highlights: - Spencer now weighs 18 lbs and measures 29 inches. Still on his own little growth curve it seems, but we're not worried. We're growing a peanut with the personality of an 8 foot gorilla. It works for us.

- We've decided to keep him on formula for another three months. He "dabbles" in people food, but doesn't seem to want to make a meal out of it. (He'll eat anything put in front of him... just not large enough quantities to constitute a meal. I think he gets tired of chewing.) And some days he prefers the bottle over anything else. So we're sticking with what's working. (That also means we're not introducing milk yet either.)

- We're putting away the sippy cup for a few weeks. He really hasn't taken to it (or a straw-type cup) and it's not necessary from a hydration standpoint so away it goes.

- We discussed some "concerns" that we've been having and got the reassurance that I think we needed to hear. Whew!

- It's becoming very clear we have a leader, not a follower here. Oh boy, I think I'm in trouble...

- Spencer got the third round of some of the immunizations he was behind on. While I'm sure he considers that a lowlight of the appointment, we're happy since he was missing protection against some nasty stuff. Now we can breathe a little easier.

He kept the doctor on her toes and in stitches the whole visit. I'm sure he considers that a success! We left with another new book (all well-baby check ups get one) that Spencer has kept by his side in his mouth ever since and a sticker for being a "good boy." He was asleep moments after hitting the car seat... that's what I consider a success!

And while we're doing a 12 month update of sorts... a pic of his newly found "tude." It cracks me up. He tries to throw this attitude at us. And it works. For about five seconds. Then he starts giggling hysterically.