Wonderful Wednesday

Today was a big day... We met another blogging buddy, Michelle, and her son C today. I "met" Michelle about 6 months ago via the blogging world. Her son came home exactly one month before we did with Spencer and it was so nice to finally meet them in person! Especially since there have been many words of wisdom from her along the way. The weather cooperated (for the most part... if you don't count the humidity) and we were able to head up to a nearby park/playground and let the boys wander around. It was fun for me to see Spencer interact with another child close to him in age, of the same gender, and of the same country. As soon as C walked in the door, Spencer was all over him giving him hugs (that has *never* happened before) and the whole walk up to the park, Spencer kept checking from his stroller to make sure he was still with us. Now in the park, they went two different directions—of course—making any photos next to impossible. After returning from the park, the boys ate and then played a little while longer, with Spencer still all over C. And Spencer's obsession with C didn't end when he left. Upon waking we had to look all. over. the. house. for C, and started to moan when we couldn't find him. Too cute. I scored an sweet hello handshake and an awesome goodbye hug from C (who is the handsomest little boy ever... and soooo calm, cool, and collected... to die for!) It was a great morning and we both had a blast - here's hoping it happens again soon!

Here's some photos of our day:


[Chatting in the mulch]


[Swingin' good times...]

good times

[Doesn't it look like they are deep in conversation?]



*This series just cracks me up... it shows my little "sweetheart" at his best...*




And, a photo of what post-visit looked like: