A future in ???

Today my mom, Spencer and I were doing some shopping in Carters. (Big sale + coupon = lots of bargain prices and a very happy me!) For the most part, Spencer was content in his stroller. But after a while, he needed out. So I let him out. I figured I had my mom to chase him around, so I was going to take advantage of that! Carters has a bunch of entertaining things for the kids... mazes, mirrors, lego tables... so I figured it wouldn't be too hard to keep him occupied. What I didn't realize that his biggest entertainment was going to be the racks and racks of clothes. I kept checking on him while I was shopping. They were pretty much making good use of the provided toys. At one point, I look up and he's strolling down the runway main aisle of the store [with my mom scampering behind him] twirling a pair of shorts above his head. A la a Chippendales dancer. (Not that I have ever seen a Chippendales dancer, but I assume that this would be one of their signature moves.)

He gets to a rack where he sees a bunch of pretty pink shirts with strawberries all over them, and decides he'd prefer to continue on twirling that instead, he tosses his shorts aside and grabs a handful and heads back the way he came with a pink blur above his head.

Now, my mom is still scampering behind him trying to clean up the mess in his wake... so I should be rushing to her assistance right?! No. Instead I burst out laughing and double over at the image of my son zigging back and forth twirling clothes above his head until he sees the next twirl-worthy object. All the time, my mom a few feet behind picking up whatever he's knocked down.

My question is this though: There's plenty of "Future MVP" shirts and "Future Quarterback" and "Future Genius" and "Future Rock Star" shirts out there... but where-oh-where are the "Future Chippendales Dancer" shirts?!