The Waffle King

We're here in Jersey at my parents house... and this morning was one of the "must-have" breakfasts my mom always makes while we are in town... waffles! (From scratch... not Egg0s... in case you were wondering.) And of course, what better time then now to introduce Spencer to waffles?* We had already passed his breakfast time so he had eaten his oatmeal and applesauce earlier in the morning. So we were not quite sure what to expect when we put the waffles on his tray. I'm pretty sure we weren't expecting him to inhale a half a waffle though! The waffles are almost the size of a dinner plate, so for him to have eaten that much... I think he was up to his eyeballs in waffles! Talk about  a hit. I think I may need to buy a waffle maker. yum

What he did not find so fun was the waiting for the waffles to be ready...


And if you think that high chair looks a little "retro" - it's from when I was a baby... so it's practically an antique! [wink]

*The introduction of "grown-up" food to Spencer has been slow going... he's still pretty much on the baby food which he prefers... with "samplings" of "grown-up" food at every meal. Many times, he just leaves the "grown-up" food alone... choosing to just have his baby food.  He certainly isn't at the point where he would eat a whole meals worth of "grown-up" food. And if he does eat the "grown-up"** food, we oftentimes we have to scoop out the stockpiles in his cheeks that he has chosen not to swallow. (gross!) But, it seems as though a switch flipped a couple of days ago and now he's much more likely to gobble down the "big boy" food we give him in addition to the baby food. As long as there is baby food as the main meal. Whatever, I'm sure he'll move up to table food when he's ready, until then baby food works.

** I know, way too many "quotes."