A Quiet Moment

A Moment This photo is from the other morning. We had just woken up and were having breakfast. I was taking some photos of his crazy bed head (which is what this photo was originally about) and not really looking at his expression. Yet, tonight, as I was going through these photos, his face is what jumped out at me. I feel like this is one of the most "honest" shots I've gotten yet. It makes no attempt to hide the sprinkling of heat rash on his face, the drool on his lip, the snot on his nose, or the teething rash next to his mouth. Cropped this way, it's not at all about his trademark hair, it's just about his adorable face... imperfections and all.  And, oh, that face! I could just gobble him up! Looking at this photo, I have such a yearning to go roust him from sleepyland to go give him a cuddle. (But I won't!) What I love most, perhaps, is that expression... completely humoring his mama who wants to take yet another photo. Oh my little boy, so sweet and perfect, even in this not-so-picture-perfect state.