Sprinkler Ball

Today the weather actually got warm enough for us to break out the sprinkler ball for a test run. I inflated it during morning nap, and set it up in the yard. You'll notice it's not fully inflated, but I was ready to die from all that inflating, so good enough. When Spencer woke up, I got him dressed in his swim diaper and trunks and got him sunscreened up while he had snack. He could sense a new adventure and was anticipating fun times. He had trouble focusing on the snacking he was so excited. After snack was done, we headed outside where he immediately saw the ball and beelined for it. He had some fun rolling it around for a while. After a bit, I decided it was time to show him what this ball could really do and we turned on the water. I thought he'd love it. Ummm... not so much.


Also, I'd like to point out that he's really not *that* skinny... it's an effect of the wail that's about to let loose. He's tiny, but he looks emaciated there! I'd also like to point out that we weren't intending to wear his preppy swim trunks gangsta-style, but that's what happens when the smallest they make these suits are in 6-9 months, and you really need a 3-6 month size apparently.

Oh well, I guess we'll try the sprinkler ball another day...