On Friday, my friend Courtney (and her kids) introduced us to a nearby farm. It was fabulous! It was a small farm, owned by an elderly couple, where the kids were able to just run around without any worries for us. There were garden beds, but also a decent amount of animals. They had a peacock and peafowl, lots of roosters and hens, donkeys, pigs (including a cute pot-belly), sheep, cows, and a horse. But the highlight, by far, for Spencer was this: goat1

A miniature goat. I'm pretty sure he would have liked to bring him home. How do I know, you ask?!

Maybe this will explain:



He just could not get enough of the goat. When it came time to move on, I literally had to peel his little fingers from the fence. All the while with him protesting, bouncing up and down, and whining. Luckily, the peacock—located right behind us—crowed (or whatever it is that peacocks do) and scared Spencer so he went a-running. But really, he loved that goat.

We also spent some time with this guy, and all the kids were just tickled that it came up sooo close to us:


There were also some swings and a picnic area where we enjoyed lunch... and then Spencer enjoyed pulling the lead-ridden paint off of this old wagon wheel. I guess I really shouldn't complain since I was the one who plopped him down next to it thinking it would be a great photo op! At least he didn't actually get any paint chips in his mouth!




And in case you are wondering, I didn't get a single shot where he was looking at me - way too many fun things to explore. Oh well!

The best part? We came home and he had a 2.5 hour nap that afternoon! Whoo hoo! Yet another place where we will be returning. Thanks again Courtney!

And just for fun - another outtake:


[I just think the expression on his face is hysterical!]