Gimme a head with hair...

Long beautiful hair... Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxenGive me down to there hair shoulder length or longer...*

Or not.

So, not the post I promised today about Spencer's big adventure (I will post that tomorrow) ... but I feel like I blinked and the day was over. And I'm exhausted. So instead, it's a post on my hair. Because I know you're all just dying to know if I cut it or not. Perched on the edges of your seats I bet, asking yourselves, "Did she?!"

I did.


It's not as drastic as I thought I would go. A happy medium. Not my shortest length ever, and not my longest. But perhaps my favorite.


And just so you don't think I'm that self-centered... an outtake from our attempt to get our first family photo:


If you look closely, you can see his arm around me and it almost looks like he's thinking, "Oh mama, you're the best!" Oh wait, I guess that's pretty self-centered as well, huh?!

Tomorrow then... that post will be all about the lil' dude. Really.

* Hair reference especially for my Pomps!