Party Animal

party-animal Spencer attended his first party yesterday. And I think he's hooked. Not surprising considering he is a social butterfly, but I wasn't expecting the party to go over as big as it did with him.

Upon our arrival he was off to mingle:


[Bye Mama... Got people to see and places to go...]

He discovered the big yoga balls and had tons of fun being pushed around:


And then it was off to see what all the other kids were investigating... the bouncy house.

We sized it up:


Spencer immediately decided he wanted in on it. It was perhaps one of the largest bouncy houses I have ever seen... it even had a slide inside! We were a little nervous that he didn't know what he was in for, but:


[I love the bouncy house!]

We actually had to forceably pull him away from it. I think I might need to add this to his party list. Wow. I knew he was a daredevil, but I was still surprised he enjoyed it so much even with all the "big kids" in there. In fact, the more he got "bounced" into the sides, the more he laughed.

And, as any true party animal would, he had a complete meltdown when we made him leave for dinner:


[I wasn't done partying yet!]