God Bless America

I'm a big fan of America's G0t Talent. I mean, I love this show. And that's not something I throw out there easily, especially when we are talking about reality TV. I'm not one for reality TV. I watch D@ncing with the St*rs — sometimes — and maybe an Amazing R@ce episode here or there... but that's pretty much it for my reality TV viewing (I guess I just never got on the bandwagon). Anyway, back to Talent. I DVR it on both TVs, and it's way up there in my priority list. While I may not watch them right away (no distractions allowed and time like that is hard to come by), I keep all my episodes until I do. And then I sometimes watch them again. That's how much I love this show. Why do I love this show so much?! Who knows. Maybe it's because it's the only show where a ventriloquist can win. Or an opera singer. Maybe it's because it's the only show where you can see all sorts of unique, interesting and inspiring talent. Or the only show where you see acts so weird, so gross, and so bad you can't even believe you are watching them. I'm sure it's not because of the Hoff, although it may be because of Sharon or Piers. (Really, who needs Simon when you can have Piers?) Or maybe it's because some of the stories, and acts, touch you to your soul. Like these kids (and yes, it's worth your 8 minutes):

Yes, God Bless America. I'm so proud to be a citizen of a country that holds such promise and possibility for so many. And just when I forget what makes this country so amazing, I see a story like this. What gracious, amazing kids. What a beautiful family. And those voices!

So I guess maybe I love this show since you get a glimpse of just some of the various folks that make this country what it is... good, bad, great, or just plain horrible... they all seem to show up on this show. And the melting pot that is this show is just a small representation of one very amazing country. And every year when they get to the final eight, I realize that America does have talent, and it's enough to take your breath away.

Happy 4th everyone!

(Not quite the Independence Day post you were expecting from me, no?)