Berry Picking

The bad weather finally broke, and we had a beautiful day today. We knew we had to make the most of it, so we headed out to Sweet Berry Farm in RI once Spencer woke up from his afternoon nap. While I had heard good things about it, I wasn't expecting to be so blown away... nor were we expecting to have so much fun! It turned out to be a great activity that we all enjoyed, and just long enough to fill our time and keep Spencer's attention, but we didn't feel rushed or over-tired at the end. Pretty much a perfect excursion. We picked up our berry basket and were on our way, and as you can see, Spencer wasn't so sure about this plan:


We made our way out to the fields, passing by the peach trees and the rasberry bushes. (Which we will definitely be going back for when they are in season!) Once we hit the strawberry patch, we got right to work:


["But Mama, I'm not supposed to eat things off the ground!"]


[Nothing to see here...]




[OK, this is getting boring...]

I flipped him onto my back and finished up in short order. We then headed back to check out the "farm stand," which is really a specialty market filled with farm-fresh fruit and veggies, high end grocery items, prepared foods and the best ice cream. We behaved ourselves and just bought some basil for the pizza we were making for dinner and some corn. We splurged and bought a spicy ketchup we found intriguing... and of course we picked up some of their homemade ice cream! (Dark Chocolate and Ginger in case you were wondering.)

We also stopped in the yard and let Spencer explore the area a little before heading out:


[Ladies, do you still love me even sans curls?!]




[This last one cracks me up - isn't it so very "GQ"?!]

And this one is just because his hair never ceases to amaze me. In the light you can really see his red highlights:


And one of the best parts was that Spencer just chilled on the way home and watched the farmland roll by:


We were so pleasantly surprised by this find. We'll definitely be back there again!