Wordless Wednesday...

Almost. ERbracelet

[Another initiation into mama-hood... and not nearly as funny as the last one.]

Let me start by saying Spencer is fine... a few bumps and bruises but A-OK. I, on the other hand, am probably emotionally scarred for life. I don't want to go into details, but let's just say "one crazy boy + one off-balance mama + big long staircase = one really, really scary fall" And then one very big adventure to the ER. Where, of course, he charmed everyone. At one point we had six people in our "room" playing with him. I just hope he doesn't try to repeat his performance yesterday in order to go back and visit.

Enough of that. I loved all the comments to my last post, and am so happy it encouraged some silent readers (I didn't even know I had silent readers - bonus!) to introduce themselves! Hi ladies!

I'm backlogged (Again) with emails and blogs... trying desperately to catch up... but for now it's a little rest and some tea while Spencer naps. Since the first trip with your son to the ER is also exhausting.

And to end on a positive note... two months ago we walked into our house as a family of three (+ Roxy!) Wow, time flies.