Let's start with the post I was supposed to put up last night... I didn't intend for that to be quite that big of a tease. When I finally sat down for the night, I realized my internet connection was down. I took that as a sign and went to bed!

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So what happened yesterday?! Spencer and I met a fellow blog buddy and her daughter! I've been reading Melinda's blog for quite some time now. So when a visit to family put her 30 minutes from us, we couldn't resist the opportunity to catch up for some coffee. The weather actually cooperated and blessed us with some sun so we could sit outside and the kids could romp on the grass. It was nice to meet someone from my "online community" in real life. (So anytime you are in the region Melinda...) And Spencer had a blast... and was completely exhausted at the end of the hour! He also scored two goodbye kisses from Chloe... who, in case you were wondering, is as beautiful and smart and funny as she appears on the blog! Thanks for a great afternoon ladies!

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We've had an extremely rainy June here. I mean, it's bordering on ridiculous. It's the 26th and we've had 23 days with at least some rain. If that wasn't depressing enough, we've only had five mostly sunny days since May 1st. May 1st! And if we are looking back to May 1st, then I should point out that between May 1st and June 22nd we had forty days of rain. Ugh. This is summer? I realize that a lot of the country is suffering from other severe weather conditions... but there's a good chance Spencer is going to grow out of a lot of his summer clothes before he even gets a chance to wear them! (Since temperatures have been in the 60s for what feels like forever.) Anyway. All of that to say that I was really excited when my diaper load finished at the same time that the rain stopped and the skies cleared (although the sun didn't actually come out). That's the first time since we've been home (which is also May 1st) that I've been able to see this in my yard:


[Drying Dipes]

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And while we're talking about diapers... we had what I would classify as a "diaper disaster" today. If you can't handle pee and poo talk, stop reading now.

Let me set the stage. As you can see above, a good portion of our diapers were on the line drying. We'd also gone through a higher than normal amount of diapers today... lots of pee and poo in this house today... sometimes I wonder where it all comes from. Anyway... we found ourselves down to no cloth diapers clean & dry and only two disposables. I needed to go out and pick up some things, so I was going to pick up some disposables as well. (Using disposables so rarely meant that we didn't have them stockpiled) At our second stop, it became obvious Spencer needed another diaper change. I actually seriously considered how awful it would be to power through our other two stops and head home before changing him, but decided that was cruel and decided to suck it up and change him. If only I had known.

We headed into the ladies room at the store, which luckily was one of those "singles" where it's one large bathroom with a changing station. I get us situated at the changing station and pulled out the only clean diaper I had along with one of those disposable changing pads. I lay him down and remove the dirty diaper, tossing it in the trash since he has a nasty habit of trying to grab the dirty diapers. I was cleaning him up, which was no small task, when it happened. He started to pee. Now, I knew at some point I was going to be in this situation... I mean, I'm the mama to a boy. What I did not realize was that it was going to be this bad.

Since his legs were in the air, the pee did not actually shoot straight up. Instead it hit him square in the face, which immediately registered complete shock as to what was happening. That look quickly changed to one of "Why is this happening to me mama?!" At this point I'm trying not to freak out. I drop his not-yet-cleaned bum down which causes the pee to shoot into his hair and then onto the back of the changing station and then finally going straight into the air. And of course, what goes up must come down... landing on his clothing. I grab a handful of paper towels — the only thing I had handy besides my one clean diaper — and hold them over his privates, all the time wondering "why won't it stop?!" Of course, the cheapo paper towels don't actually absorb anything and they really only act as a barrier. As he continues to pee, the puddle on the changing table just keeps growing... and growing... and growing... finally resulting in a waterfall effect off the edge of the changing station onto the floor. After what felt like forever, he stops peeing. At that point, I assess the situation. I have a pee-soaked child in a pee-soaked outfit on a pee-soaked changing table over a pee-soaked floor. Great. I decided to work my way up. I threw paper towels on the floor to absorb what I could off the floor. (I should point out that he was strapped to the table so I felt comfortable holding him with one hand while using the other to "mop." Not to mention, he was completely and utterly shell-shocked and barely moved a muscle.) After the floor was as clean as I could get it using the towels and some wipes, I unstrapped him and set him down to toddle around bare-bummed while I wiped down the changing table. No small task... I swear there was six ounces of pee on that table alone. Now, at some point during this pee fiasco, someone tried to open the locked door to the restroom. I'm pretty sure I yelled out "occupied" at that point. As I was cleaning the table they returned and relentlessly tried opening the door again. After several shouts of "occupied," to which they just yanked the handle harder, the stress of the situation got to me and I may have yelled something to the extent of "Do you not know what occupied means?!" [An aside: Why do people just continually try to open the doors in these situations? No knock, no nothing. Just an obvious belief that if they pull hard enough, the door will open. The most infuriating part was that there was a vacant men's room next door (I know, I know ... it was a men's room)  and a handicapped restroom across the hall... so if you have to go _that_ bad...]

Anyway, that was all it took to set poor Spencer off. At that point, the shock wore off and the wailing started. Luckily, I had just finished cleaning the table. So I put him back up there and started stripping off his disgusting clothes. No small feat given that he was wearing overalls and a button-up polo. In the best case scenario, it's tough to get him out of his clothes, so this was not a pretty sight. Luckily, I had a wet bag with me which everything went into. Once I had him stripped down, I sponge bathed him to the best of my ability with wipes. I quickly got him diapered and dressed in the backup outfit I carry... well, as quickly as you can diaper a traumatized and screaming child. I put him back into the carrier (which somehow escaped this whole disaster) at which point he looked up at me with a look of pure relief mixed with one of "what was that all about?" Poor guy.

I washed up, gathered up the disaster the best I could, took some extra paper towels and shoved them on top of the mess in the garbage can, took a deep breath... and opened the door. Where there was one very pissed off old lady (the door yanker, I assume) and the store manager. Great. I looked at her and just said, "You may want to clean in there, we had a little disaster." I then grabbed my purchases I had put down nearby and left.

I hope I never have another experience like that again.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's had a horrible public restroom experience?!

So now, if you made it all this way, I've got to reward you with a little cuteness... right?!

Here you go!