Silly Saturday

We finally got a little break in the weather here (meaning it stopped raining, not that the sun came out... or that the wind died down...) and we decided it was high time to check out a local playground. So we loaded in the car and headed out. We'll keep looking for a better playground in the area, but this one did the trick for now! Here's a few pictures from our outing. Unfortunately, there are no swing photos since both baby swings were Oh well, just another reason for the hunt for a better playground to continue!


[We enjoyed the cop car...]


[And the slide...]




[Mostly we liked banging on the slide...]



And while we're posting the silliness of the day.... here's a couple of videos:

I can't get over his giggles, especially when he can't stop at about 20 seconds in:

And just for the heck of it, one of him laughing at himself while walking:

[Note how "tall" he is compared to the couch?! Still a peanut! And he's also swimming in his 6-12 month overalls... oh boy.]
A question for you fellow Flick'r gals: Is there a way to copy a photo before I edit it? For example, if I wanted to make one of the above grayscale... is there a way to keep the original color version as well? Or do I need to upload it twice or something?