I think...

we have a walker!!! Spencer has been taking steps for several weeks now. About a week and a half ago he was up to 10-12 steps at a time. Last week, he started standing up without the assistance of furniture, walls, toys, or my legs. He also started bending down and picking things up without falling last week.

So even though he was able to do all those things, as well as navigate the whole family room by "pinging" between the furniture, I kept saying "He's really close to walking"... but still classified him as a "crawler." Yesterday, I had the realization that he *is* a "walker." He walks more than he crawls, takes over twenty steps at a time, and walks carrying things from place to place.

[Of course, it took two friends and the pediatrician to convince me that he's really a walker...]

Now I really need to baby-proof this place... cause here comes trouble!

[I tried to get some video last night, but it was a no-go... I'm working on it though!]