To the Beach!

We had beautiful weather here on Sunday... so we decided it was time to take a family jaunt down to one of the local beaches. Spencer has been home for five weeks now - it's high time he saw the beach! We have several beaches in town (I know - it's an embarrassment of riches) and one of them is dog friendly all year... which is a rarity! So even though it's the smallest beach, it's nice to all go... especially since Roxy enjoys the beach the most of all of us! beach1

[my world]


[checking out the waves]


[diving in]


[after a refreshing swim]



Oh, you're wondering what Spencer thought of it all?!


[Not quite sure...]

He did take it all in though... and was exhausted at the end... so I consider that a success!

In other news... I'm not talking about the sleep thing anymore. Every time I do, I jinx it. Grrr...

Also, tomorrow Roxy turns 10!!! I can't even believe it!