It's like Chutes & Ladders...

but not nearly as fun. I feel like I'm playing a big ol' game of Chutes & Ladders with this whole "sleeping thing." [Sidebar: Remember that game?! Or did I just date myself or something lame like that?]

Every night I feel as though I'm rolling the die and seeing where I land, even though I am following "the plan." Some nights I land on a ladder spot and feel like we are going up, up, up... Other nights I land on the slide and I feel like we're going back, back, back... boo. And each time we go backwards, even though it's not nearly as bad as it was, it feels so much worse.

Maybe because I now know where we could be.

Maybe because I know where we came from and could easily go back to.

Each slide feels progressively longer, while each ladder does not feel nearly long enough to reach that final goal. Some might consider this exciting, I do not. (In fact, I may have just ruined this game for myself.)

I know that when we reach that "winner" spot it will be all the more sweet, but geez...

Can we get there already?!

[Note: I do realize I have only been working on "the plan" for seven nights now, but I never said that patience was one of my strong suits... and in my defense, seven nights is a loooong time when you are very, very tired.]