Yes, it *is* that bad.

First, I want to say that I feel completely justified and a little less crazy now that five people in the know [a pediatrician (not ours), two peds. nurses (again, not ours), a mom of six and a daycare provider, and a dentist] have told me that Spencer has some of the worst teething they've ever seen. They actually stared in disbelief at him. The ironic part?! It wasn't even at his worst. Every time I was actually thinking he was doing pretty good. So, after weeks of feeling like most people were thinking "Oh, poor first time mom... she's overly sensitive... it can't be that bad." To them, I say: Yes, it IS that bad.

While staring, most said to me, "I don't even want to ask how bad it is at night if this is what it's like during the day..." Which brings me to the next part of this post...

Sleep. Seriously... at some point he's going to get some - right?! I know I keep complaining about this... but really, it's been almost four weeks. One would think that at some point it would stop getting worse. Right?! Or am I just crazy? (I feel like I am losing my mind so tell me if it's true.) And it is getting worse. How can I make him sleep? Any advice? I need some good resources here, cause really, this has to stop. Especially nights like the one before last where he was up for 4 hours screaming in the middle of the night. (Dry diaper, full tummy, tylenol and motrin in his system, night light on, etc., etc...) I'm not looking for miracles, just for it to stop getting worse. I'll even take where we were a few weeks ago, and that's saying something.

Our standard sleep "schedule" has him logging between 6 and 7 hours a night in one to two hour chunks. (With lots of awake, unhappy time in between) And don't get me started on what I'm getting because it's waaaaayyyy less than that. Neither one of us can cope much longer with this routine. The most he has ever logged in one fell swoop was four hours. And that happened three times total. In four weeks. Not a good average.

And naps? They don't exist. On the bad nights, he'll log one hour and a half nap... but on average, he doesn't nap. Maybe a couple of 20 minute cat naps. Maybe. (And of course, they never happen when I can nap as well!) And getting him down for a nap? Impossible. Again - advice?!

See why I am concerned?! This is no where near enough sleep. I still swear it's all teething related, but part of me wonders if there is a bigger issue that I'm missing. (I'm so tired, I'd miss a bus coming straight at me!) Now, I know that he's going through a *lot* adjustment-wise (and I even have a list taped to the fridge to remind me) but my "mama style spidey-sense" says that's not the issue. The way he wakes up and how he acts makes me think it's a pain thing... and I just don't know how to fix it. Or to get him to log some more sleep during the day to make up for the nights. I'm so inventing baby melatonin when this is all done and I've had more than two hours of sleep. Ugh.

Anyway... a much happier post this evening to celebrate the fact that we have been a family for one month as of today!

And if you made it this far, thanks for reading the whole whiney post...