One Month!!

I so wanted this to be a sappy, tear-inducing post... but I'm just too tired. So instead it will be short and sweet. A month ago, we became a family of three (+1 canine!). All day long, I've been thinking not of his birth mother, but of his second mother... his foster mom. For I know what was one of our happiest moments was one of her saddest. Words can't describe how I feel about her, the gift she gave us, and the unbelievable amount of love she showered on all of us.

I remember the feelings so very clearly. Excitement, nervousness, joy, sadness, uncertainty... among a million others. I think they all must have shown on my face, because I also very clearly remember the very strong hug she gave me at the elevator that conveyed all the reassurance I needed — I could do it, now I was the Omma. In what some would consider a simple gesture, she passed the baton, as well as a little of her strength.

So not only is today about our family uniting, it's the celebration of one of the most amazing women I've ever met: