Well, it's my birthday too - yeah...

Yesterday was my 30-something birthday. [I'm not fishing for well wishes...but thanks to those who sent the sweet emails and texts!] While I'm not one for being all about me me me on my day... it was a pretty great day. Doug took the middle of the night wake-ups *and* the early morning wake-up... letting me sleep to 7:30 am. (Which is now ridiculously late - funny how things can change in three weeks!) I specifically asked for no gifts from Doug or Spencer, since I think I got a pretty great gift already this year, don't you?! Spencer surprised me though... and had a gift that not even Doug knew about... a tooth! One tooth fully through the gums and a second pretty close. Yay! I'm way more excited about that than I should be, I'm sure, but I'm hoping that helps us with all this discomfort. In the afternoon my best bud from college and her hubby came down to visit... with cake! Yum. It's always a blast to see them, but to spend my birthday with them, and to introduce them to Spencer was really nice. It was a wonderful afternoon playing with Spencer and then pizza and cake for dinner. Pretty perfect birthday.

smiley2[Best. Birthday. Gift. Ever.]

Oh, and for those of you keeping track, we left for Seoul a month ago yesterday and landed a month ago today. Crazy!