Teething Woes

I've mentioned this before, and I'll mention it again I'm sure... we're teething here. And man, is it miserable. I mean, it's kicking our behinds. I've been wondering why it seems *so* bad for us, and why it seems to be taking *forever* [see note on "forever" below] for these teeth to pop out. I think part of it is that Spence is just a bad teether. Nothing seems to work for him (Motrin and Tylenol included) Yes, everything takes the edge off - but nothing seems to really give him relief. Part of it is the timing... there have been a few nights that we thought he was just in teething pain, but we realize now it was more of a "oh look, my teeth hurt... let me get some comfort... oh man, I forgot, it's these people!" Then the adjustment meltdown begins. Which I can now tell you is very different from the teething meltdown. Hindsight. That said, if the discomfort from the teeth hadn't woken him, we may have avoided some of those very long nights. Maybe. Anyway - back to the teething. We have been going through it for a couple of weeks. Some days better than others, but we've been dealing with teeth issues pretty much every day since we met him. And it's been killing me that there are times that I can do nothing to help him. The frustration has been running high for both of us. Well, this morning I at least got a little insight into why it's been so bad. We're not working on one tooth, or two (as I originally thought) ... but FOUR teeth. All at once. (Two top, two bottom) You can clearly see them all about to break through. Seriously? Why did I not know this could happen?

Then, if that wasn't bad enough... I noticed two red bumps farther back on his gums on the top (one on each side). Freaking out because I thought it was an injury from something I had given him to chew on, I called the doctor. The nurse thinks it could just be some "molar movement." Not meaning that they are actively "cutting," just that they are starting to make their way through the gums. This would explain some of the teething reactions/symptoms that have been excessively bad, which makes me feel a *tad* better about things. But then came the sentence that made me want to cry. "He could be working on those for months" Ummm... what?! Please, someone, tell me she was lying!  Or at least tell me it could be something else. Months?! (I was also told they sometimes show up as early as 11 months.... I'll take that option please.)

[Note: I realize that two weeks is not "forever" - but it certainly feels like it when your baby is in pain.]