Ten Months

I'm not even sure where to begin. As I type this, I can't even believe that it was one month ago that we received our travel call. One month and one day ago, we weren't even sure if we would we receive our travel call by the end of this month. And here we are, home for 2+ weeks (how did *that* happen?!) and celebrating Spencer's 10 month anniversary with him. Crazy! As with everything, we've had our ups and downs. It's been a rough couple of weeks due to the adjustment, jet lag, and teething. My "Wordless Wednesday" shot should be titled "Sleep Deprivation" and it's not a pretty sight. (No matter how cute you think he is!) For the most part though, each day seems to get better... and for that we are so grateful.

A few highlights from our week:

  • Almost all of our Spencer's lab work is back and he's got two thumbs WAY up from our pediatrician. She's thrilled with what she's seeing, which in turn thrills us. For the few questions/fears we did have... all were laid to rest and that feels incredible.
  • Spencer received two vaccines and was NOT a happy camper. I'm sure he just added it to the list of reasons he's mad at me.
  • Spencer and I survived our first solo week while Papa worked. It was ugly at times, but we made it.
  • He met his Aunt Kathleen and her boyfriend this weekend. They showered him with love, and gave us a much needed break... mentally and physically.
  • We can't believe how showered with love and generosity we've been these past two weeks. More on that in another post.
  • We went to our first meal out this morning. And no one cried!
  • We're still teething. That though, requires it's own topic.

Now, a little 10 month old bragging. We haven't known him long, but every day Spencer amazes us with how much he's learning and taking in. It's a shame we haven't yet seen his true personality because of everything he's going through, but that just makes us all the more excited for when that happens. So, what's he doing?! He's:

  • Cruising furniture like it's going out of style. He's *this* close to walking. He took five steps between two things today. Amazing!
  • He's able to stop himself from falling when he's standing on his own (most of the time at least) and he's enjoying standing on his own more and more every day.
  • He knows his American name, and usually responds to it.
  • He knows the words "no" and "don't touch" but routinely chooses to ignore them. (Especially if the "don't touch" item involves a power cord... he'll just look at you with the glint in his eye and smirk on his face and then return to business)
  • He *loves* to be "blessed" upon sneezing. He'll sneeze and then look around until he sees someone to say "Bless you!"
  • He loves the phrase "yummy in your tummy" It originated from a toy, but now is something guaranteed to make him crack a smile.
  • Loves "Horsey" rides on Papa's leg as well as "blasting off" in to the air.
  • He's ridiculously strong. We had a battle for the bowl and he won... 'nuff said.
  • Chews on everything in sight.
  • Loves to bang things on tables... constantly.
  • Babbles, but no distinctive words yet.

So, I think that's it. I look forward to seeing what the next month brings us!