So Far, So Good.

Doug returned to work this week. Which means Lil' Dude and I are flying solo... for loooong stretches of time. I thought it was going to be worse than it has been to be honest. We've eaten all our meals, we're both dressed, we've walked Roxy multiple times a day... that's something, right?! We had a doctor's appointment yesterday which I'll post about in a bit... it took us 45 minutes to get out the door, but I'm sure that we'll get that time down with some practice. (Right?! This is where you all have to tell me it will!) What I was not expecting though, was to practically collapse with exhaustion last night. Doug walked in the door, and we were there, waiting for him. (And yes, I passed off S and ran in the opposite direction!) Kidding. Kind of. Pictures are coming. When I sat down last night to edit them, I saw two puppy dog eyes staring at me over the back of the couch and I thought, "Priorities" and spent the night cuddling and dozing with my first baby.