[Sorry - but that really needed all caps] Last night, Spencer had a great night sleep-wise. I don't expect it to become routine yet, but I'll take even one night! He went down around 8:30 pm and slept til 4 am when he woke for a bottle and then went back down til 7 am — WHOOOOOHOOOO!!!

Now, the only problem with that is that *I* couldn't fall asleep last night! Ugh! I was still up at 12:30 am. But still, I gratefully took that 3.5 hours or so in one fell swoop that I got. (And the other 2.5 hours after the bottle) What a difference it makes. Then we also had a great morning. We were fed, dressed, and had walked Roxy by 9 am. Spencer took a brief nap in the Beco while I did some things around the house and then it was off to run some errands. Even if we slide back a little, I still at least know what *can* be and that really helps. And, I'm finally starting to whittle away at blogs and emails. Yay!

Now for what you are all really here for (sorry about the quality, they were taken at night)...




[so proud of himself]


[silly face]


[Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?]


[Roxy's not so sure.]




[This is what stubborn little boys look like...]


[...when they finally fall asleep. Standing up!]

And a little video... just for fun:

***And for those of you who are interested, I posted about Spencer's first doctor visit here.