First Doctor Visit

Today was our first doctor visit... it went exceptionally well! Dr. J was really happy with where he was developmentally, and kept remarking about how great he was... but of course we already knew that! [wink] It was nice to get him in front of our doctor, and get some straight forward answers on some things. And we found out that we do in fact have a peanut - 16.5 lbs and 27 inches. Little nut! He was smiles the whole time. Really cooperative and pleasant. Couldn't have asked for a better visit. He even got a board book from the doctor just for showing up! He thought that was the best thing ever. Unfortunately, there were also lots of (blood) tests to run and we ended up going to the blood lab at the local hospital for those. That part he did not enjoy at all. It was sooo sad to watch him get all that blood drawn. And the worst part?! They didn't even get all the blood they needed, so we're going to have to get more when we go on our follow-up visit next Monday. Sigh. We also have our appointments for the vision test and hearing test set up for the next couple of weeks. Whew - someone is a busy boy!