32 Hours Under Our Belt

Well, we're 32 hours into this whole parenting gig and doing quite well. Spencer may beg to disagree... but so far he seems content. Except for bedtime, which is a post for another day. Doug just spent two hours getting him down, and headed off to sleep, and I'm planning to follow soon after. It's definitely when the mourning for his foster mom comes out full strength and it's heartbreaking to see. I'm exhausted so I'll make this brief. Spencer slept through the first night with no issues! He awoke at 6:30am when the blackberry that happened to be laying next to the crib went off with a daily alarm. Doh! He woke up and played with us for a little bit and then we skyped with our family so they could "meet" him virtually. That press conference seemed to completely wipe him out though and then he went back to sleep for about two hours. He woke up and we got him ready for the day and headed out to do some sightseeing. Spencer was not on board with that plan, so instead we just hung around the hotel... It was nice to just have some down time and we actually ran into two other couples from our agency! We knew one other couple was going to be here with us... we didn't know about the other couple. It was nice to see some of the other families that interact with our agency.

And then Spencer took another nap. We realize it's his way of coping, but in the grand scheme of things, this is not a bad situation to have. We did grab some photos of him (and us) this afternoon. We didn't take any photos yesterday. It was a deliberate decision. We took some with us, him and his foster mom and then decided that the rest of the day was photo-free. I'm sure there will be no shortage of photos of him, and we all just needed time to play together and be. So, today we made an effort to grab some, although we haven't done the family shot yet. Soon!

He loves spending time in the hotel lobby and outside in the front of the hotel, just taking it all in. So, he's very serious in most of these, although we did see some more giggles from him today.