The Prelude

Well, as expected it was an emotional--but wonderful--day.  Our appointment to pick up Spencer was at 2 p.m. local time today, so rather than pacing around our hotel room we decided to do a little exploring to find someplace with some fresh air where we might be able to bring Spencer in the day or so before we leave for home.  We settled on the Seoul Olympic Park as a possible candidate, since it has international history and significance and is also only a few subway stops from our hotel.  It turned our to be a great choice.  We didn't spend a ton of time there today, since we were on a timetable and figured we would try to come back as a family tomorrow.  However, what we saw was really quite nice and serene.  Another really nice thing was that there were many groups of small school children at the park today.  We weren't sure whether this was always the case, as different schools scheduled field trips, or if it was some type of special children's day.  Either way, there were a bunch of adorable Korean kids running around in their school uniforms, singing songs, and having a great time. You couldn't have asked for a better atmosphere for two soon-to-be parents. On the way back, we made one more stop at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium.  We had really hoped to take in a baseball game while we were in Seoul.  We had the concierge write down this week's scheduled games for us our first day here.  However, it was not meant to be.  Saturday and Sunday were wall-to-wall sightseeing, so we were thinking maybe a Monday night game would be a nice diversion on our last night without Spencer.  However, the combination of our spinning heads after meeting Spencer for the first time and a rainy evening caused us to scrap the baseball plan last night.  Christine was kind enough to indulge me in a trip to the ballpark souvenir shop on the way home this morning.  There were a few unknowns.  Is there a souvenir shop?  Could we actually find it in a timely manner?  Is it actually open when games are not going on?  Turns out the answer to all three questions was yes.  So, I am not the proud owner of a Doosan Bears baseball cap.  As you might expect from a Red Sox/Yankees split household, Christine couldn't just fall in line and back the same team.  She is now the proud owner of a Hanhwa Eagles cap.  We also picked up a cute Doosan Bears puzzle for Spencer, so between that and the Red Sox swag I have waiting for him at home I am well on my way to a family baseball majority on two continents.

From Jamsil, we continued back to our hotel, where we had some food and paced for one hour instead of the five hours it would have been were it not for our little excursion.

More on the main event shortly.  I just figured I would break the day into two posts.