The Youngest One In Curls

Christine and I have really enjoyed all of the wonderful comments to our first pictures with Spencer, so thank you!  A number of you mentioned his curly hair, and we have a funny story about that. There is a very popular TV show in Korea now called "Boys Over Flowers," which is kind of like Korea's answer to "Gossip Girl" or "90210." One of the main characters is played by a Korean actor named Lee Min Ho, who has distinctively curly hair on the show. The success of the show has turned him into the "it guy" overnight, and he now has a bunch of endorsements, including Dunkin' Donuts (which are surprisingly ubiquitous in Seoul):

We have seen him everywhere on billboards, etc.  He has gotten so big that people have told us that all of the young Korean boys want to have their hair permed, so they can be cool like Lee Min Ho. Spencer's foster mom told us that she's actually been asked whether she gave him a perm. No need, our Spencer is just naturally hip!

Anyways, it has been a funny sidebar to our visit to Seoul.  We were all up to speed on "Boys Over Flowers" before we came over, so Spencer's foster mom and social workers got a big kick out of the fact that we knew Lee Min Ho and that curls were in.  It also provided good rationalization for me to head over to Dunkin' Donuts for a "Flower Tart" donut today.  ;)