The Trip Over

[aka "We're Here! : The Story"] Our journey to Spencer actually started a couple of days ago (which now feels like weeks ago) on Wednesday. After dropping Roxy off at Doug's parents, we headed down to NJ on Wednesday evening where we were spending the night at my parents' house before leaving for JFK. We were freaking out the whole time that we forgot something really important... so far, though, we're good. Let's hope it was last minute travel nerves.

On Thursday we left my parents' house for JFK. From where they live in NJ, it's an hour and fifteen to an hour and a half ride. If you're really lucky, you can do it in an hour. Our driver got us to the door of Korean Airlines in forty minutes. Yes, 4-0. We were shocked. So was our driver. He said we just blew away his quickest time ever by quite a bit, and he's been doing this for a while. He said, not only am I putting this in the record book... I'm blogging it, facebooking it... everything! Too funny.

Now, we had given ourselves two hours to get to JFK. We figured an hour and a half, plus some "rubber necking" time. (I swear, people get a flat tire on the Belt Pkwy and there is rubber necking in both directions...) So, needless to say, we were early. Very early. Too-early-to-check-in early (as in the check-in counter wasn't even *open* yet). Not a bad problem to have I guess. We ended up being the first ones checked in on the flight, had time to purchase Spencer's return [lap] ticket, reserve the bassinet, walk around... and we were still at the gate 2.5 hours before boarding. Doug actually did some work, I read. Or pretended to while I watched the people around us.

A little side story: When we got to JFK, I checked my Blackberry and saw an email from our SW. The subject line read "Response from SWS" with an urgent marker on it. Attached was a pdf of a fax she had received. OK, talk about a heart stopper. We were like "What are they responding to?!" So we placed a call to her, where we found out that it was actually our appointment to meet at SWS on Monday morning at 9:20am. The last time we had spoken with our SW, the plan was to call SWS on Monday where we would be told when to come over, and we were assuming we would meet Spencer in the afternoon. It sounds like we'll be meeting him in the morning instead! That was a nice bit of information to have before getting on the flight.

So we were waiting. Lots of waiting and people watching. It actually felt like a really quick couple of hours. We had a little lunch and then it was time to board the flight. The flight itself was looooooonnnggg, and pretty much uneventful. I mean, really, what can I say about a 14 hour flight (one hour of which was spent on the tarmac) where you are packed in like sardines?! I felt bad for Doug, the guy in front of him had his seat all the way reclined the *whole* trip. Which meant that my tall husband couldn't actually get his knees under the seat. Not comfortable. They did have a bunch of movies to chose from... how often does that happen!? There were more movies than I actually had time for! So for me it was a little movie watching and a little sleeping. For Doug, mostly movie watching and basically no sleeping. At one point I almost died when I woke up from a doze convinced we were through the majority of the flight to find out we weren't even four hours in yet - doh! But I did not complain once. I cannot say the same of my traveling companion. I'd say we maybe got five hours of sleep - combined? Not much. So when we landed at 4 am "our time" (EST not Korean) we were bleary-eyed and ready to get off the plane. We made it through immigration, baggage, customs with no issues. Quickly found a spot to exchange our money, found the booth that we had reserved a rental cell phone at, and got the "KAL" bus. Where we passed out for a good 40 minutes of the 1+ plus ride.

Then we were here! The nap on the bus gave us enough energy to unpack and eat a little dinner before we went to sleep. We got a great nights sleep - 9.5 hours! We woke up this morning feeling pretty much "normal" and put in a full day... but more on that in my next post.

[Updated to add : I started that next post and exhaustion set in... it will have to wait until tomorrow.]