A couple of "WHOOOHOOOS!!!!"

First, and most importantly, a HUGE shout out to Joanna (and her hubby) who received their referral yesterday!!! Congrats you guys!!! (I have happy chills - yay!) You guys have waited so long... I'm so happy for you. :-) Another WHOOHOO goes out to my hubby Doug - who rocked the "travel prep world" yesterday. While I was slaving away with work stuff, he was:

  • Calling Korean Air : reserving a lap ticket and bassinet, getting seat assignments and finding out we'll have a power outlet (yay!)
  • Calling the Renaissance : confirming points certificate and a few other things
  • Calling the crib company to order a missing piece. (The stabilizer bar... I'm sure that's not important or anything...)
  • Getting a cell phone reserved for while we are in Korea.
  • Calling credit card companies, the bank, the insurance company to let them know of travel.
  • Installing the car seat.
  • Assembling the stroller.
  • Along with several other things but you get the idea!