Busy (And help needed)

Yesterday, after breakfast and a haircut (for him, not me - but we go to the same place so we both had to go to tell them), we went shopping for thank you gifts. (Thank you Krista for outlining some of the gifts I needed!) We bought locally roasted nuts and chocolate covered cranberries for the office staff & the nurses. We bought the SW a beautiful handmade tote. (This is how caught off-guard I was... I had "make and buy thank you gifts" slated for the weekend of May second, figuring I had plenty of time still!) The President and Director are receiving donations to the new mother's home. Did I miss anyone?! (We aren't staying at the guest house so no doormen gifts)

Then we worked on the foster family. That was hard. What do you get someone who has been taking care of your child all this time!? We also wanted it to be unique, but quickly realized that Spencer is probably around her 25th - 30th child (or more!) so that originality is probably not going to happen. So, we ended up buying the mom a beautiful handmade bag that can be used for toiletries or a clutch (yes, it's that nice!) and some hand-milled soaps and my favorite hand lotion. (We went for sentimental over original) The dad is receiving a picture book of our area, as well as a [gulp] Red Sox cap. The son is also receiving a baseball hat, and an official red sox ball. The daughter is receiving a handmade tote and a bar of primal soap. Good? I don't know. I hope so.

Then, we moved on to Tar*get and Toys*Us to get all the necessities. Baby medicines, baby bath and shampoo, diapers, wipes, bibs, utensils, baby food and cereal ... basically everything! Including pjs for the plane for Spencer. (Kerry - you'll be happy to know I found my "plane pants" last weekend - thank goodness!) We also picked up wrapping materials for all the gifts to pack, snacks for the plane and while we are there, and about a dozen other things I'm spacing out on right now. Any last tips or must-have items that I should get?!

I also made some huge headway in the nursery... it's no where close to finished, but at least it's not where it was a couple of days ago. The walls are painted, the blackout blinds are up, crib is in place (with temporary bedding), bookshelf is in place, closet is cleaned out and filled with little boy clothes, changing table is in place... getting there.

And yes, pictures soon!