A Quick Update...

[I know I owe a lot of you emails and responses to PMs... I'm getting there. In the meantime please know that we appreciate every single one of them.] So, we're getting there. We've got flights and a hotel room. That's progress! The basics are this:

- leaving Thursday afternoon from JFK, arriving in Seoul early Friday evening. - staying at the renaissance hotel (thank you points!) which is across the street and half a block down from our agency, SWS. - returning the following Thursday afternoon, arriving early Thursday evening. (As a lot of you know, you lose a day+ going over, and gain it back coming home)

Our SW is trying to arrange the following:

- Meet Spencer and his FF on Monday - Become a Family on Tuesday!!! (Everyone, let's keep our fingers crossed that works out! Please?!)

That means we have the weekend to "get oriented" and see Seoul on our own. It's going to be our last hurrah! It's really our ideal travel situation, so we're excited.

We had a crazy situation with the flights. When we looked yesterday afternoon, we found a great deal coming in/out of Providence (about half an hour away) via Chicago. Not ridiculously long travel times, layovers, etc. Nor was it ridiculously priced. Well, being the idiots we are, we set up frequent flyer accounts which took a while and then ate dinner. Two hours later... the same flights, $600 more per person and it would have required a full price ticket for Spencer on the last leg. (Which was not cheap!) There was one alternative at the original price, but it had a ten hour layover... uh - no. So, we decided to save our $2,000 and our time and are going back to the flights direct from JFK. This way, we can just crash when we get to my parents on the return trip, someone will feed and water us (right mom?!) and then Spencer will get to meet my family before we head home. We don't know why it's happening this way, but we feel that every single thing in this process has been "meant to be" so we're just going with the flow!

We're still a little shell-shocked and frazzled. But as we get things done, we're getting more excited. While we were excited yesterday, I think it felt a little surreal. Not to mention, we're planners, so this was a curve ball we weren't expecting. A good curve ball, but a shocker none-the-less. I don't think anyone expected us to get the Travel Call two months from the initial phone call, or six weeks from acceptance to Korea... SIX WEEKS! What?! I'm still unable to comprehend that. (I'm sure many others are as well) And, talk about fate's sense of humor. Three days after I was talking about being happy with the status quo coming up to the busiest work week ever, this happens. Guess what?! Work went out the window, and I'm juggling three times faster now.

And, I still think it's happening exactly as it should.

More details soon - I have a nursery to pull together!