Another Step Down!

So, looks like we got a fabulous gift for Spencer's 9-month birthday... We called DC this morning and found out he has his interview scheduled for Monday! WOW!! I don't even believe it...

This visa step is the last one before the *travel call* can happen. Gulp.

Not only is this special because it's Spencer's birth date, it's one of the few steps we were both together for. We've been apart for the referral call, the legals arriving, notification of I600 and finding out that P3 was sent. The only other step we were together [to jump up and down screaming] for was the Notification of NVC out. Doug was actually the one to call this morning. We were expecting to hear that the interview still hadn't been scheduled (although I was secretly hoping that it was because I wanted Doug to experience the thrill of a "good" step) I explained what he had to do and sat watching him as he made the call. After giving the operator the case number and name, he listened for a moment and said "OK, thank you." He was so calm I assumed that it was the answer of "No Visa Interview has been scheduled yet." Until he did the celebratory happy dance after hanging up!

What does this mean?! Well, if the visa is issued the beginning of next week, we can get a travel call at any point after that.

Oh. My. God!!!!!